Alex Poulos is a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Greek and Latin at Catholic University of America.

Presentation: Developments and Continuities in the Psychology of Origen of Alexandria

This morning I am giving a presentation on developments in continuities in the psychology of Origen of Alexandria. Here's the abstract:


The soul is a key middle term in the philosophical system of Origen of Alexandria. The question and problems associated with the soul concern not only the human being, but extend to the rest of the cosmos. I reconsider several aspects of Origen's psychology in the light of the 29 recently discovered Homilies on the Psalms, which date most likely to near the end of Origen's life. I argue that, broadly speaking, Origen's psychology becomes less Stoic and more (ideosyncratically) Platonic over the course of his career, though on some issues there is strong continuity between On First Principles and later works.  

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Upcoming Paper Presentation: Developments in Origen's Psychology