LOGOS Colloquia

Venetus A

Under the direction of Dr. Fabio Pagani, the graduate students of the Greek and Latin Department at Catholic University of America are organizing a series of colloquia for graduate students in the department of Greek and Latin and related fields to present works in progressto present their work. Karen Carducci led the effort 2016–17, and now I (Alex Poulos) am taking over the position of student coordinator for 2017–18. Meetings occur roughly once a week, and light refreshments are served. The current schedule is below. Please contact Alex Poulos (71poulos@cua.edu) if you are interested in presenting or attending.

We aim to provide a friendly environment for students to receive constructive critique from their peers. When possible, we arrange for a faculty member or graduate student to serve as respondent. Drafts of the paper are distributed a week in advance to enhance the discussion. The format and is flexible: some people present drafts of term papers, others dissertation chapters or articles in preparation, still others papers that will be presented at conference. It is a terrific venue to receive comments on works in progress, and a wonderful way to stay abreast of our colleagues' work. 

(LOGOS stands Litteris occidentalibus gradualis ordinis studentes)